Mental Health and Wellness

mental health

Mental health is a state of emotional and psychological well-being that influences how people think, feel and behave. It is important for our ability to function, learn, work, play and build healthy relationships. It also determines our ability to take care of ourselves and make good decisions.

It is normal to have ups and downs in your mood, but when these changes start to interfere with your daily life or those of your loved ones it may be time to seek help. Some of the most common signs of a mental illness include trouble sleeping, difficulty staying focused or paying attention, frequent irritability, trouble maintaining hygiene and withdrawal from friends and family.

There are many things you can do to improve your mental health and boost your overall wellness. A nutritious diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise are all key components to overall health and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Having a support system of friends and family is also important to have during difficult times, and participating in meaningful paid or volunteer activities can add to your sense of well-being.

Everyone faces challenges throughout their lives, but if you struggle with a mental illness it can be hard to cope on your own. Getting help from a trained professional can make a big difference. There are many options for treatment, including psychotherapy and medication. It is important to stick with your treatment plan and keep your doctor updated on any changes you are experiencing, so that they can continue to provide the best care for you.

Some mental health conditions are temporary, while others can be long-lasting and chronic. The sooner you get the proper treatment, the more likely it is that your symptoms will respond and you will improve.

Several factors can affect your mental health, from genetics to social learning and how you interact with your environment. A history of trauma, abuse or neglect can also increase your risk for developing a mental illness.

While some people will never develop a mental illness, it is important to recognize the warning signs and seek help when needed. The earlier you get the right kind of treatment, the more likely it is that you will recover and be able to live a happy and productive life.

We encourage you to explore our articles and website to find out more about mental health and how to keep yours in good shape. If you have any questions about mental illness, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help! The New York City Department of Children and Families (DCF) is committed to ensuring that all youth have access to quality mental health services. In an effort to expand this service, the DCF has created a statewide system of mental health evaluation and treatment services for children in out-of-home care. This system will improve the consistency of assessments and interventions across the State, increase the number of evaluations conducted, and help to identify any unmet needs in the mental health service delivery for young children.