Psychological Health and Well-Being

Psychological health can be impacted by a variety of factors. Some of these include mental illness and emotional distress, life changes, personal development, community concerns, and political and social justice issues. Because of this, there are a number of different professionals who can support you in times when your psychological health is under threat (Rose, 1992, 2008).

Psychotherapy and counseling are both types of treatment that can help to improve your psychological well-being. They offer an opportunity to speak with someone who can listen to you, understand what you are going through, and give you advice on how to cope. This type of treatment may also provide a safe space to express yourself in ways that you might not be able to with friends or family members.

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the thought patterns that lead to your problems and teaches you how to change these thoughts. This treatment is often carried out by psychologists, psychiatrists, and some primary care physicians. This type of treatment can be combined with medication and used to treat a variety of mental health conditions.

Positive psychology is an approach that helps people to find meaning in their lives, develop strengths, and achieve happiness by focusing on what they have rather than what is missing. This can be particularly useful for those who have experienced trauma or are struggling with a mental health condition.

The field of health psychology is concerned with understanding how psychological and behavioural processes contribute to physical illness and healthcare. It can be used to inform interventions that address both the underlying psychological causes of disease and their impact on individual and public health.

A person’s psychological health can have a direct effect on their physical health and vice versa. This is known as the mind-body connection. This is why it is so important to take care of both your physical and mental health.

When your psychological health is compromised, it can have a significant impact on your daily functioning and can have serious implications for you. It can impact your relationships, your ability to work and study, your mood and emotions, and how you handle stress. It can also cause you to act in ways that are harmful to your own and other’s physical health.

Having a good psychological health is essential for all aspects of our well-being. It can help us to feel happy, confident and hopeful about the future. It can also help us to maintain a healthy weight, sleep well, eat healthily, and make decisions that are beneficial to our overall physical and psychological health.

If you have any questions about your psychological health or would like to learn more, please contact MyWorkplaceHealth CEO & Founder Dr. Samra. She is a recognized expert in workplace PH&S and the author of Guarding Minds at Work – Canada’s First Guide to Psychologically Safe Leadership. She is also a founding member and on-going participant of the CSA technical committee that created the standard and a lead researcher on the 13 psychosocial factors in the Canadian CSA Standard.